Summary of field activity 2017-350-FA

Location Map:


Location: Charlotte Harbor, FL

Dates: 2017-10-06 to 2017-10-06

Port Locations: St Petersburg, FL, St Petersburg, FL

Principal Investigator(s): Nicole Khan

Data Type(s): Sampling: Geology, Sampling: Chemistry, Sampling: Biology, Location-Elevation: Transects, Imagery: Photo

Information to be Derived: Exploratory fieldwork to visually assess impacts to sites and measure elevation change along existing transects; if warranted, sediment samples will be collected for microfossil, grainsize and radiochemical analysis.

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered: Assessed hurricane Irma impacts via presence/absence of imported sediment on substrate. Measurement of imported wrack to support surge height measurements.

Equipment: Digital Camera, Peat Corer, Other, Other