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Broward County Biological Constituents - 2001 Algae Transects

Following the AGRRA protocol, 116 transects were surveyed to estimate percent cover and dominant macroalgal species present over the nearshore hardbottom within the study area. Biologists evaluated the macroalgal community every three meters along each 30-meter transect using a 25 x 25 cm quadrant for a total of 1,160 quadrants. Data obtained during the survey included the two dominant macroalgal species with estimation of percent relative cover; and overall percent cover of turf, macroalgae, blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and coralline algae within the sites. Common turf algal and cyanobacteria species were identified, as well as less common macroalgal species. Transects were run from the hardbottom edge due east over the hardbottom. Representative photographs of each transect are included with the data set.

Description from Broward County Nearshore GIS 2006 metadata.
Data acquired and compiled by:
Coastal Planning and Engineering
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R34C_Q3 R36-500C_Q9 R38-750_Q4 R38-500_Q7
R38-250_Q3 R38_Q7 R39-750_Q7 R39-500_q1
R39-250_Q3 R39-100_Q7 R39+200_Q10 R40 Q5
R40+250 Q8 R42-700 Q10 R42-500 Q3 R42-250
R42 Q1 R44C Q1 R46C Q9 R47-100C Q1
R48C Q2 R49-100C Q2 R53-600 Q1 R53-450 Q7
R53+100 Q3 R54-750 Q2 R54-500 Q1 R54-250 Q5
R54 Q1 R55-400 Q2 R55-250 Q8 R56C Q4
R59C Q9 R65C Q1 R66-500 Q10 R66-250 Q5
R66-100 Q4 R66 Q5A R67+250 Q1 R71 Q3
R72-750 Q5 R72-500 Q1 R72-250_Q6 R72 Q1
R73-750 Q6 R73-500 Q6 R73-250 Q1 R73 Q6
R74-750 Q11 R74-500 Q1 R74-250 Q4 R74 Q4
R76-150 Q9 R77-300 Q7 R79-100C Q5 R80C Q2
R81C Q1 R82C Q1 R87 Q6 R87+250 Q3B
R87+500 Q5A R87+750 Q2 R88 Q1 R88+250 Q2
R88+500 Q1 R88+750 Q1 R89 Q1 R89+250 Q1
R89+500 Q3 R89+750 Q2 R90 Q4 R90+250 Q7
R90+500 Q7 N3A R91 Q9 N00A R91+300 Q6 N7A R91+850 Q2 N10A
R92+250 Q1 R93 Q6 N0A R93+400 Q2 N14A R94+250 Q7
R94+750 Q5 N1A R96C Q4 N3A R97C Q7 N18A R98C Q1
R99+250 Q1 N4A R99+500 Q7 N5A R100 Q3 N21A R100+700_Q5
R101 Q5 N25A R101+500C Q8 N16 R111-650 Q4 R111C_Q4
R112+550 Q4 N32A R113_Q1 R116-500_Q1 R116-200 Q8 N9A
R117C_Q6 R118C Q8 N12A R119C_Q1 R121+125C_Q5
R122+500_Q4 R124C_Q1 R125+125C_Q1 R126C_Q2
R127+75_Q4 R2C DADE_Q5 R3C_DADE_Q2 R4C DADE Q2
R5C DADE Q3 R103-300 Q1 N11 R103 Q1 N14 R103+250 Q2 N18
R103+500 Q2 N21 R103+750 Q4 N26 R103+900 Q6 N28 R104+100 Q7

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