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Response of Florida Shelf Ecosystems to Climate Change

2001 Fish Count Photography

For each site, a 30 m line was laid out west to east by compass, beginning at the nearshore edge of hardbottom. The diver swam above the transect recording all fish within 1 meter either side and 1 meter above the line (an imaginary 60 cubic meter tunnel). Species were recorded as well as numbers and sizes (by size class: less than 2, 2-5, 5-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-50 and 50+ cm) as encountered. The diver carried a 1 meter "T"-rod, with the size classes marked off, to aid in transect width and fish length estimation. The transect was not time delimited.

Description from Broward County Nearshore GIS 2006 metadata.

Data acquired and compiled by:
Coastal Planning and Engineering
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R31-5A R31-5B R34-5A R34-5B
R34-5C R36-5A R36-5B R44-5A
R44-5B R46-5A R46-5B R51-5A
R51-5B R52-5A R52-5B R54-5A
R54-5B R54-5C R61-5A R61-5B
R63-5A R63-5B R65-5 R67-5A
R67-5B R67-5C R67-5D R71-5
R73-5A R73-5B R79-5A R79-5B
R79-5C R81-5A R83-5 R90-5A
R90-5B R92-5A R92-5B R92-5C
R92-5D R95-5A R95-5B R95-5C
R99-5 R121-5A R121-5B R123-5A
R123-5B R125-5A R125-5B D1-5A
D1-5B D2-5A D2-5B D3-5A
D3-5B D4-5A D4-5B R127-5A

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