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Example Overlay of Multiple Datasets - Broward County

Broward County Coastal Planning and Engineering (CPE), working in conjunction with several universities, collected and prepared a variety of nearshore data for Broward County in preparation for beach renourishment projects in 2001 and 2006. Broward County has placed a strong emphasis on the collection, distribution, and use of GIS products. Some CPE datasets can be downloaded from Broward county's GIS website. The U.S. Geological Survey has partnered with CPE in order to make the data more accessible to the larger scientific community as well as the general public. The Google Earth KMZs presented here are intended for use by the general public.

The large volume of quality data collected by CPE affords an opportunity to display and interpret these datasets. For ease of use, the data has been organized into four major themes: biological constituents, laser bathymetry (LADS), man-made structures and zones and bathymetry contours. The first two themes presented here have a large number of associated image and video files.

To view the types of data, density, and presentation formats available, you may wish to view the KMZ "Example Overlay of Multiple Datasets" (9.3 MB). This file includes all four themes within a limited geographical extent near Terra Mar, Sea Ranch Lakes, and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. From the Example Overlay of Multiple Datasets you may choose to download the full extent of any or all of the four themes from within Google Earth (for the entirety of the coast of Broward County). You may also choose to download these full-extent datasets below, or visit the photo and video pages associated with each theme.

Data acquisition, mapping, and compilation were conducted by Coastal Planning and Engineering (CPE) for Broward County.

You will need Google Earth installed to view KMZ and KML files.

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The Example Overlay of Multiple Datasets (Limited Extent) KMZ includes:
  • Biological Constituents
    • Sea Turtles
    • 2001 Reef Edges
    • 2001 NSU Reef Transects
    • 2001 Fish Count Transects
    • 2001 Algae Transects
    • Benthic Biota Point Counts
    • 2001 Benthic Assemblages
    • 2001 Borrow Area Videos
    • 2001 Borrow Area Photography
    • 2001 Parallel-to-shore Videos
  • LADS Bathymetry
    • LADS Bathymetry Overlays
    • LADS Video
    • LADS-Defined Hardbottom

  • Man-Made Structures and Zones
    • Municipal Piers
    • 2001 Beach Renourishment
    • 2001-2002 Borrow Areas

  • Bathymetry Contours
Download the KMZ file: Example Overlay of Multiple Datasets - Broward County (9.3 MB)

Full Extent Datasets - Broward County
Broward County Biological Contituents Thumbnail Biological Constituents
Nearshore biota of Broward County are presented in this dataset. Sea turtle sightings, reef edges, artificial reef transects, fish surveys, algae coverages, biota point counts, and many videos of coastal features and habitats are included in this theme.
Download KMZ (37 MB)
Algae Surveys thumbnail
Artificial Reef Transects thumbnail
Borrow Areas thumbnail
Fish Survey Thumbnail
Parallel Transects thumbnail
Perpendicular Transects thumbnail
Reef Transects thumbnail
Staghorn Coral thumbnail
Broward County Laser Bathymetry (LADS) Thumbnail Laser Bathymetry (LADS)
This dataset includes contours derived from laser altimetry, as well as images and videos produced with 3D surface modeling software with the bathymetric data from the Laser Airborne Depth Sounding (LADS) survey.
Download KMZ (680 KB)
Laser Bathymetry (LADS) thumbnail
placeholder Thumbnail
placeholder Thumbnail
placeholder Thumbnail
Broward County Man-made Structures and Zones Thumbnail Man-Made Structures and Zones
Lines and polygons represent various man-made structures and zones in Broward County, Florida.
Download KMZ (151 KB)
Broward County Bathymetry Contours Thumbnail Bathymetry Contours
These interactive bathymetry contours were derived from LADS laser bathymetry. Rollover an isoline with your mouse for a popup label denoting depth in feet. Within Google Earth, you may download adjacent sections by clicking placemarks title "Extend Bathymetry South" and "Extend Bathymetry North."
Download Northernmost KMZ (583 KB)

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