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Airphoto mosaic of northern Topsail Island after Hurricane Bonnie

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Karen Morgan
  Northern Section - West Onslow Beach
34°31.26'N   77°20.65'W

At the north end of Topsail Island a broad area of erosion is observed. On the change plot below, this area shows as an area of bright reds and yellows on the beach adjacent to the remains of the dune line. The area eroded during Hurricane Bonnie is clearly seen as a topographically high spot on the beach in the 1997 elevation data. Overwash can be seen landward of the area of erosion as a thin blue line. In profile comparison 1, 2.5 meters of vertical erosion on the beach face is evident. This profile also shows that a significant portion of the foredune was also removed. In profile comparison 2, the dunes appear to have been completely eroded away. Profile comparison 3 shows as much as 3.0 meters of vertical beach erosion and complete destruction of the foredune.

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