Measuring CO2 in the Air – From the Bow of the Healy

Jonathan Wynn and Lisa Robbins install a sampling tube to measure carbon dioxide (CO2) using a CO2 analyzer on the bow of the ship.  Data from the CO2 analyzer is sent to a computer on board the vessel for later analysis.

It took three marine technicians to help Lisa Robbins and Jonathan Wynn put the sampling tube up on the bow.  Installing equipment on a moving ship is not as easy as it looks.  One technician had to climb up a ladder to get the tube as high as possible to help prevent uptake of CO2 from people on the deck of the ship.

Putting up the tube for CO2

Jonathan Wynn and Lisa Robbins place a sampling tube on the bow to measure CO2 in the air.

Placing the tube on the bow.

A technician places the tube high on the bow to prevent uptake of CO2 generated by people working on deck.

Lisa Robbins explains how it works.

Lisa Robbins explains how CO2 measurements are taken.

Securing CO2 tube

Securing CO2 tube.

Brian Buckholtz on the bow.

Paul Knorr on the bow of the Healy to help with the CO2 tube installation.


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