Home for Seven Weeks

Life on board the Healy is very busy. Most of the time is spent in the lab, sampling or analyzing data on the computers.
Here are some pictures of the stateroom and shower of Lisa Robbins. Most of the scientists share a room with one or two other people. The room is has a bunk bed and a couch that is also a bed. ┬áLisa’s roomate has the lower bunk bed with the curtains drawn. The curtains allow people to sleep while others are up working. There is a little sink in the room. Four lockers and assorted drawers throughout the room and below the beds are storage space for clothes, etc. There is no need for “ship showers” on board the Healy. During this trip, they make their own water.


Lisa Robbins Cabin

Lisa Robbins' cabin on the Healy. She sleeps on the quilted bed in the foreground and her roommate sleeps on the bunk bed.

Desk and storage in cabin

Desk and storage in the cabin of Lisa Robbins.

Small sink and cabin storage lockers.

Small sink and storage lockers in the cabin.

Shower in Healy cabin.

Shower in the cabin.


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