Everyone’s Job is Important on the Healy

Coast guard MK2 Christopher Schumacher (Machinery technician) gave a talk to the scientists on board the Healy about “What Blue can do for you.” Shu has a wonderful southern accent and the ability to be entertaining- from the standpoint of a scientist.  This talk was very informative, describing the duties of the different “Coasties” aboard and how they work as a team to accomplish their mission.  In order for the scientists to be able to do all this science aboard, it takes a whole team of ‘non’ scientists to help us.


Coast Guard giving informational talk.

Coast Guard MK2 Christopher Schumacher giving a talk about how the crew helps the scientists on their seven week journey.


Shu is from Florida and has a stuffed animal named “Frogfrog” that travels the world with him.

Coast guard and stuffed frog

"Shu" with his stuffed Frogfrog.

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