Views from the RAVEN: A Remotely Operated Plane

Shipmate Capt. Steve Wackowski is testing a small-unmanned aerial system (SUAS) to use for science in the Arctic and elsewhere. He has outfitted a similar one that has been used by the USGS and FWS out in the western states.  This remotely operated plane (RAVEN) has a video feed on it and has been used by the military in combat zones but Capt. Wackowski is now testing it to see if it can be used for more scientific missions such as ice reconnaissance and marine mammal scouting. Right now he is flying it off of the Louis St. Laurent-  its launched on the deck of the bow and recovered on their helicopter pad. Video from the RAVEN was viewed on the bridges of both the Healy and Louis St. Laurent.

Images from the RAVEN:

The Healy from the RAVEN.

The Healy from the RAVEN.

Raven landing on the Louis St. Laurent

The RAVEN landing on the helicopter pad of the Louis St. Laurent.

Images from the helicopter:

Arial photograph of the Healy

Ariel photograph of the Healy from the helicopter.

The Healy and. St. Laurent

The Healy and St. Laurent from the helicopter.

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