Vertical Profile Data: Fresh for the Ocean

There are three water masses in the Arctic Ocean. The surface waters range from 0-200 meters (m) depth, the intermediate waters from 200 m to 900 m, and the bottom waters from 900-bottom (Millero, 2006).  In comparing Stations 3 and 4, Station 3 was at latitude 72° 14.1N and longitude 148° 06.0W with a bottom depth of 3537 m.  Station 4 was at latitude 85° 55.85N and longitude 169° 36.27W and a depth of 3393 m. So, we are getting pretty far north for the 4th cast (station).  Station 3 had a surface temperature of 6.554C and salinity of 22.798 (pretty fresh for the ocean!) and Station 4 had a surface temperature of -1.6 C and salinity of 30.95. At both stations, the upper 500 m or so shows all the “action” in terms of changes in temperature, salinity and oxygen.

This photo shows the water profile for Station 4. You can see there is a steep thermocline between 100-200 m with the “warmest” temperatures at about 300 m (about 1 C!).  The Arctic Bottom water show temperatures of about -0.3 C and salinities of 34.95.

Station 4 profile data.

Station 4 vertical water profile data.

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