Loading Supplies on the Healy

USGS scientific team member Paul Knorr traveled to Seattle, Washington to load supplies for the research cruise on to the USCGC Healy.  In the week prior, the supplies traveled by truck across the United States from St. Petersburg, Florida to Seattle, Washington.  The distance traveled by truck was approximately 2, 524 miles!  It was important for Paul to travel to meet the truck in Seattle to ensure that the supplies arrived safely and were loaded securely into the cargo bay of the ship. Next, the ship will leave port in Seattle and travel North through the Bering Straits to the Chukchi Sea near Barrow, Alaska where it will pick up the scientific research team.

Loading the Healy

Coolers containing supplies for the laboratory are loaded on the Healy.

Loading the Healy

Bin of supplies for the trip in the cargo bay of the Healy.

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