Quonset Huts and a Snowy Owl: The Night Before the Cruise

The team stayed overnight in quonset huts at the Barrow Arctic Science Consortium (BASC).  Quonset huts are arched, lightweight buildings that are usually made of galvanized steel.  The huts proved to be very comfortable accommodations including a large living room, kitchen, and two bedrooms.   The BASC facility supports science on Alaska’s North slope and the exchange of information between scientists and the local community.

Barrow Arctic Science Consortium in Barrow, Alaska

Indoor picture of the quonset hut used by the women on the research team.

While at BASC, Lisa Robbins took this photo of a Snowy Owl perched on wire outside the quonset huts.  Snowy Owls live in the Arctic and have very keen eyesight plus they hunt both day and night.  The favorite meal of a Snowy Owl is a lemming.

Snowy Owl perched on a wire looking for prey.

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