Temperature Profile Buoy Deployed

In addition to our USGS Ocean Acidification Research Team, there are several other scientific teams and individual scientists currently conducting research on the Healy. One such scientist is Dr. Pablo Clemente-Colon who is currently the Chief Scientist of the National Ice Center (NIC). ¬†Yesterday, he deployed a buoy which will provide information about the temperature in the upper ocean. This buoy nicknamed “UpTempO” is an ocean drifter with a thermistor (temperature) string attached. This piece of equipment is designed to float around for about a year and will acquire the temperature of the surface as well as 16 other water column depths to create a temperature profile of the Arctic Ocean. The data and GPS coordinates are sent through a satellite to the Polar Science Center at the University of Washington (Seattle) to the Principal Investigator Dr. Mike Steel.

Unpacking the UpTempO buoy on the deck of the Healy.

Buoy deployment was filmed by the Weather Channel camera crew.

Taking the UpTempO buoy from the box.

Buoy on the deck of the Healy ready for deployment.

Buoy on the deck of the Healy ready for deployment.

Deploying the Buoy.

Deploying the buoy.

UpTempO buoy in the water.


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