All About the Healy!

The USCGC Healy is the largest non-nuclear ice breaker in the world.  It can break ice as thick at 4 1/2 feet continuously at a speed of three knots.  According to the Healy’s website, the ship can accommodate up to 50 scientists and about 50-60 enlisted as well as officers at one time.  It can also work at a temperatures as low as -50 degree F.  No other ship will due in the challenging environment of the Arctic Ocean.

While onboard, USGS Ocean Acidification Project Chief Lisa Robbins had the chance to drive the Healy. She sent back some photos of the helm of the boat. The wheel was quite small for such a large ship.

Lisa Robbins at the wheel of the Healy.

The wheel of the Healy.

Just how big is the Healy? Here are the stats from the Healy‘s website:

Length, Overall

420’0″ (128 meters)

Beam, Maximum

82’0″ (25 meters)

Draft, Full Load

29’3″ (8.9 meters)

Displacement, Full Load

16,000 LT


Diesel Electric,AC/AC Cycloconvertor

Generating Plant

Drive Motors

4 Sultzer 12Z AU40S2 AC Synchronous, 11.2 MW

Shaft Horsepower

30,000 Max HP


2 Fixed Pitch, 4 Bladed

Auxiliary Generator

EMD 16-645F7B, 2400kW

Fuel Capacity

1,220,915 GAL (4,621,000 liters)

Cruising Speed

12 knots @ 105 RPM

Max Speed

17 knots @ 147 RPM

Icebreaking Capability

4.5 ft @ 3 knots (continuous)8 ft (2.44 m) Backing and Ramming

Science Labs

Main, Bio-Chemical, Electronics, Meteorological, Photography


19 Officer, 12 CPO, 54 Enlisted, 35 Scientists, 15 Surge, 2 Visitors


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