Dredging: Now the Fun Begins in the Lab!

A dredge is a tool used by marine scientists to take samples of rocks and sediment from the ocean floor. During the course of our cruise, five different locations were dredged for rocks- Not only rocks came up in the dredge, but so did mud!


The dredge is being lowered into the sea by the Coast Guard. Photo by Lisa Robbins


The Coast Guard detached the dredge once it was brought on deck after hours of dredging on the bottom of the sea floor. Photo by Bogdan Onac

Ocean Acidification Team member Kate is searching through the mud for rocks to catalog- we think...or maybe she just likes to play in mud! Photo by Bogdan Onac

Hot water is used to spray down the excess mud off the rocks- you can see the steam coming from the water. The air temperature was about 10 degrees Fahrenheit so a little warm water was welcome! Photo by Bogdan Onac

This picture should go with the rest of the dredging pics: Kate McMullen(middle), acting as the curator of the rocks, and shipmates Kelley Brumley (left) and Evan McQuinn look over some of the rocks and prepare to catalog them.Photo by Robbins


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