Packing up the Lab

As the cruise came to a close, the USGS Ocean Acidification team packed up the lab for transport back to Florida. The equipment had to be placed on pallets, tightly wrapped, and secured to avoid any damage during travel. The lab equipment and samples will stay on the Healy until it reaches Seattle, Washington. The pallets will then be offloaded from the ship and placed in a truck to make the cross country journey back to Tampa Bay, Florida.  The team members will be disembarking and flying home from Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

An empty pallet beside another that has already been packed up in the laboratory on the Healy. Photo: Bogdan Onac.

Packed pallets in the laboratory on the Healy. Photo: Bogdan Onac.

Bogdan Onac wraps the lab equipment on a pallet. Photo: Lisa Robbins.

A pallet of lab equipment packed and secured for transport. Photo: Bogdan Onac.



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