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Ocean Acidification

2015 Davis Strait - Arctic Circle Cruise

Cruise Plan and Map

cruise plan
Map showing cruise plan.

USGS and USF are participated on a Davis Straits research cruise, September 4 – 26th, 2015, lead by Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Lee (University of Washington). Lee’s cruise to the Davis Straits was part of a coordinated effort to

  • quantify the variability of fluxes connecting the Arctic and sub polar oceans,
  • understand the role played by the Arctic and sub-Arctic in steering decadal scale climate variability and
  • establish a pan-Arctic integrated observing network. His efforts are focused on developing an integrated observing system to monitor exchanges at the critical Arctic — sub-Arctic gateway at Davis Strait.

During the cruise, Lisa Robbins (USGS) and Jonathan Wynn (USF) collected seawater DOC, pH, pCO2, and oxygen isotopes using underway systems. These data will be coordinated with other scientific research efforts lead by Kumiko Azetsu- Scott at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. These data will be used to understand ocean acidification and carbon fluxes in the Arctic and sub-Arctic.

The Arctic is an important area of concern because of climate change. The R/V Atlantis cruise to the Davis Strait focused on an important gateway between Arctic and Atlantic and provided an opportunity to collect critical data for understanding climate change and will allow comparison to previously collected carbonate chemistry during previous Arctic cruises (2010-2012) in higher latitudes.

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