Plate 1. Misregistration and acceptable inter-scene registration for 1985 and 1995

One of the images below is misregistered, > 1 pixel on the x-axis. To identify a misregistered image, look for two parallel lines, red and blue, where a road should be. Well-aligned roads will appear white or will have a mottled pattern of color pixels (mixed pixel effect) which occupy essentially the same line.
Misregistered 1995 and 1985 images. 1995 band 4 is displayed in the red plane and 1985 band 4 in the blue plane. Note the parallel vertical lines at arrow #1 showing poor alignment in the x-axis. A similar but less distinct offset is apparent in the y-axis at arrow #2. Properly registered imagery does not present the double red/blue lines indicative of misalignment. However, a newly built or significantly altered road will stand out as a single red or blue line as indicated by arrow #3. Changes in land use and vegetation are also visible in this display as shades of red and blue.