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Second West-Central Florida Coastal Studies Workshop

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Open File Report: Second West-Central Florida Coastal Studies Workshop
Chief Scientist


-Introductory Comments-

0830 USGS Coastal Studies Overview A. Sallenger
0840 West-central Florida coastal studies project G. Gelfenbaum


0900 An overview of the west Florida shelf hydrography and circulation project B. Weisberg
0915 Observations from the broad band ADCP on the 30 m isobath B. Black
0930 Hydrographic effects and frontal passage response of the west Florida shelf circulation H. Yang
0945 Numerical modeling of the ocean circulation on the west Florida shelf Z. Li
1000 Coffee Break


1015 Linkages between inner shelf and coastal provinces A. Hine
1030 Regional to local trends in bedrock characteristics and sediment thickness from seismic and side-- scan sonar data S. Locker
1045 Sedimentary facies of the inner west Florida shelf as determined from surface samples and vibra-cores (part A) G. Brooks
1100 Sedimentary facies of the inner west Florida shelf as determined from surface samples and vibra-cores (part B) L. Doyle
1115 Morphology and evolution of a Holocene carbonate/siliciclastic sand ridge field west- central Florida inner shelf S. Harrison
1130 Surficial geology of the inner shelf off Sarasota FL D. Twichell
1145 Photographic analysis of migration of transverse bars, Anna Maria Island S. Leathem
1200 Lunch
1300 Correlating seismic and litho-facies from the inner shelf J. Edwards
1315 Carbonate production on the inner west Florida shelf L. Tyner
1330 Mid-shelf bioherms--a major biological response to stage 5a sea level D. Mallinson
1345 Nearshore hardgrounds and ledges off west- central Florida G. Brooks
1400 Nearshore subsurface geometry and sediment thickness A. Gibbs
1415 Coffee Break


1430 Stratigraphy and morphodynamics of the west-- central Florida barrier island system R. Davis
1445 Structure contour map on the top of the Miocene beneath the barrier/inlet system of Pinellas, Manatee and Sarasota counties, Florida D. Ufnar
1500 Stratigraphy of the inlet fill sequences at the mouth of Tampa Bay T. Ferguson
1515 Origin and distribution of beachrock, Point of Rocks, Siesta Key, Florida D. Spurgeon
1530 Stratigraphy of tidal and fluvial paleochannel sequences beneath west-central Florida Gulf Coast barrier islands R. Davis
Stratigraphy and geologic history of Anna Maria Island, Manatee County R. Davis
1545 Stratigraphic patterns of west-central Florida barrier islands K. Yale
1600 Stratigraphy and morphodynamics of Egmont Key, Hillsborough County, Florida J. Kling
1615 Stratigraphy of washover deposits in Florida: implications for recognition in the stratigraphic record R. Davis
Morphodynamics and stratigraphy of Big Sarasota Pass and New Pass ebb-tidal deltas, Sarasota County, Florida R. Davis
1630 Beach and nearshore sediment characteristics along the barriers of Pinellas, Manatee and Sarasota counties, Florida J. Cargill
1645 Nearshore sediment transport and beach profile characterization - applications to sediment budget study for west-central Florida coasts P. Wang
1700 Adjourn for refreshments and informal discussion

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