Data Release

National Assessment of Hurricane-Induced Coastal Erosion Hazards: South Carolina through New Hampshire update

By Kara S. Doran, Justin J. Birchler, Hilary F. Stockdon, David M. Thompson, Karen L.M. Morgan, and Owen T. Brenner

USGS, St. Petersburg, Florida


These data sets contain information on the probabilities of hurricane-induced erosion (collision, inundation and overwash) for each 1-km section of the U.S. coast for category 1–5 hurricanes. The analysis is based on a storm-impact scaling model that uses observations of beach morphology combined with sophisticated hydrodynamic models to predict how the coast will respond to the direct landfall of category 1–5 hurricanes. Hurricane-induced water levels, due to both surge and waves, are compared to beach and dune elevations to determine the probabilities of three types of coastal change: collision (dune erosion), overwash, and inundation. Data on dune morphology (dune crest and toe elevation) and hydrodynamics (storm surge, wave setup and runup) are also included in this data set. As new beach morphology observations and storm predictions become available, this analysis will be updated to describe how coastal vulnerability to storms will vary in the future. The data presented here include the dune morphology observations, as derived from lidar surveys. For further information regarding data collection and/or processing methods refer to USGS Open-File Report 2012–1084 (


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Probabilities of hurricane-induced erosion (collision, inundation and overwash) for each 1-km section of the Gulf of Mexico coast for category 1–5 hurricanes (.shp)
US_erosion_hazards_metadata.xml US_erosion_hazards_metadata.txt
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Labeled greyscale map of the US east coast to Texas, with stripes along most of it showing probabilites
Figure 1. Probabilities of collision (inner strip), overwash (middle strip), and inundation (outer strip).

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Doran, K.S., Birchler, J., Stockdon, H.F., Thompson, D.M. Morgan, K.L.M., and Brenner, O.T., 2016, National assessment of hurricane-induced coastal erosion hazards—South Carolina to New Hampshire update: U.S. Geological Survey data release,