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Descriptive Core Logs, Core Photographs, Radiocarbon Ages, and Accretion Data from Holocene Reef Cores Collected Throughout the Florida Keys Reef Tract

By Lauren T. Toth, Anastasios Stathakopoulos, and Ilsa B. Kuffner


The USGS core archive (Reich and others, 2009; USGS Core Archive) houses an extensive collection of coral-reef cores that USGS researchers have collected from throughout the Florida Keys reef tract (FKRT; fig. 1). USGS scientists have compiled all available data on the 71 core records that recovered Holocene reef framework, including radiometric ages (radiocarbon and U-series), data on reef development (timing of reef initiation and senescence, reef accretion, and reef thickness), and metadata on the cores and collection sites. High-resolution core photographs and descriptive core logs of each of the cores were also produced. For further information regarding data collection and analysis methods refer to Toth and others, 2018. This research is a part of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Coral Reef Ecosystem Studies Project (

Reich, C.D., Streubert, M.I., Dwyer, Brendan, Godbout, Meg, Muslic, Adis, and Umberger, Dan, 2012, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center's core archive portal: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 626,

Toth, L.T., Kuffner, I.B., Stathakopoulos, Anastasios, and Shinn, E.A., 2018, A 3,000-year lag between the geological and ecological shutdown of Florida's coral reefs: Global Change Biology, 24: 5471–5483,


File Name and Description Metadata (XML format) Metadata (text format) Download File
Radiocarbon and U-series ages of Holocene reef cores from the FKRT (.csv, .xlsx)
FKRT_coral_core_metadata.xml FKRT_coral_core_metadata.txt
(98 KB)
Core locations and other metadata and estimates of Holocene reef thickness, average accretion rates, and ages of reef initiation and senescence (.csv, .xlsx)
Same as above Same as above
(54 KB)
Average reef accretion for each subregion within 500-yr bins during the Holocene (.csv, .xlsx)
Same as above Same as above
(52 KB)
Estimates of relative sea level, paleodepth, accretion rates, and rates of relative sea level change for dated intervals within the cores (.csv, .xlsx)
Same as above Same as above
(59 KB)
High-resolution photographs of Holocene reef cores from the FKRT (.jpg)
Same as above Same as above
(946 MB)
Descriptive core logs for Holocene reef cores from the FKRT (.jpg)
Same as above Same as above
(71 MB)

Aerial greyscale image of south Florida and the Florida Keys used as base for map, with text and symbols overlain to show locations where cores were collected
Figure 1. Locations (black circles) where cores were collected along the Florida Keys reef tract (FKRT; orange shading) in relation to the six subregions of the reef tract.

Suggested Citation

Toth, L.T., Stathakopoulos, Anastasios, and Kuffner, I.B., 2018, Descriptive core logs, core photographs, radiocarbon ages, and accretion data from Holocene reef cores collected throughout the Florida Keys reef tract: U.S. Geological Survey data release,

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